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Rogue's Rabblings
Sad news 
26th-Mar-2007 05:04 pm
bitchy, enraged, determined, Ran
Some of you are aware the my Sinificant other has been having health issues for a while. This has culminated in Non-Alcoholic Serous of the Liver, that required a liver transplant.

Unfortuantely organ transplants are a bit of a catch-22, you got to be pretty sick to get anywhere on the transplant list, but you have to maintain a level of health to stay on. His condition has now deterrated to the point they will not keep him on the transplant list, has he been changed to hospice care. and the prognosis is he does not have long to live.
27th-Mar-2007 05:33 am (UTC)
That's...bad. ._.
27th-Mar-2007 06:03 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry.

I wish I could do more than offer hollow sounding condolences . . .
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